Monday, 21 April 2008

Thomas Wood

Behind the eyes, deep into the pulsing viscera of the brain, lives a small man who has an extensive library of old science textbooks, nature books and magazines which he lends me as reference for my paintings.

As well as painting on canvas, I like to work with vectors and computer aided design, animation and also paint large-scale outdoor murals.

Danguole Slaughter

Danquella was born in Ukraine then moved to Lithuania. Educated in Siauliai and Telsiai, she worked as clothes designer before becoming a school teacher, specialising, of course, in art and design.

In 1997 she decided to seek new challenges, choosing to visit New York. There she sold a few paintings. However, due to her visa expiry she was forced to return to Lithuania. After seven months, in a bid to enhance her career further, she was to finally come to England.

Various jobs allowed Danquella to save money to finance her dream to become an artist and in April 2006 she decided to become a self-sufficient professional artist. In eight months she has developed a unique method of etching, using a mixture of acrylic and oil on canvas. The originals are back-lit using LEDs and photographer David Pratt from Derby backlights the originals for reproducing the prints.

The range of subjects in Danquella’s pictures vary from imaginative and space creatures and planets, to Blackpool Tower, the Liver Building (Mersey) and Spinacher Tower – all using the same creative technique.

Gary Davies

Gary works in a variety of different media including graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, watercolour, gouache, acrylics and oil.

His work incorporates traditional drawing and painting, double action airbrush and computer graphics.

Gary’s main strengths are portrait, natural history, fantasy, science fiction and horror. Gary’s portfolio is available for inspection by arrangement and is available for commission.

Charlotte Thomson

Charlotte Thomson is a Nottingham based artist & illustrator well known for creating retro and vintage inspired art and design for the UK burlesque scene. She specialises in creating evocative images of the female form, especially portraiture, & is highly influenced by the fashions of eras such as the 1940s & 50s & the ‘Belle Epoch’.

Charlotte is also known for her exhibition organisation with a year spent as gallery coordinator at View from the Top Gallery and ongoing projects such as 'Ooh La La!' and 'Danse Macabre'.

Charlotte's work has been exhibited internationally and has been featured in publications such as Artists & Illustrators Magazine, 'All Allure' a book of contemporary erotic art and is a regular contributor to Scarlet Magazine.

Jenna Finch

Andrew Spriggs

I have been producing illustrations for fun for about 35 years, and I trained as an illustrator at Humberside College of Further Education between 1982 and 1985, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, specialising in illustration.

I worked in the graphic design industry for about thirteen years and I work currently in Environmental Services at Derbyshire County Council as a clerk, producing artwork for booklets occasionally for Health & Safety purposes, as well as one-off poster designs and cartoons.

My particular interest is in maps of imaginary countries (not the Tolkein type) and I believe that I have got this down to a ‘fine art’. The idea is to make an image that certainly looks like a map from a distance, but which finally, on closer inspection, appears to have been drawn by hand. As an illustrator, I can turn my hand to any style or medium.

Ideally, I would like to be able to produce illustrations for websites, books or other publications, and I would like to be able to produce these either traditionally or on computer.

Hollie Brown

I am a First Class Honours Surface Pattern Design graduate, based in Leicestershire. I am currently working as a Freelance Designer for leading companies such as Tigerprint, Marks and Spencers Division, Hallmark Cards and Gibson Hanson Graphics. I am represented by Black Olive Studios. I also work on my own personal briefs showing in local exhibitions. I am currently working on a collection, a development from the award-winning collection ‘Betty Loves Tea’.

My portfolio has a decorative, illustrative style demonstrating strong drawing skills with a lively imagination. My work is often humorous, quirky with a good eye for colour and composition.

I find inspiration from every day life observing the people around me, trend predictions inspire my use of colour keeping my work fresh and current.

The Project titled ‘Betty Loves Tea’ explores the quirky habits of the elderly through lively illustrations, painterly backgrounds and a skilful use of silk screen printing and dyes.

I have a passion for drawing, especially amusing characters that make me smile.
I love to tell stories through artwork.
I hope that my work will appeal to people who also appreciate the small humble things in life.

I am a passionate and highly motivated person, I have a love for my work and a determination to succeed in a career I feel so passionate about. I look forward to and welcome any exciting opportunities that may come my way.